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from the advisor community.

What exactly is The Walters Institute?

Will you join calls with me and my prospects to help sell the strategies?

What makes you different from any other CPAs I’ve worked with?

Aside from custom tax plans, what other support do you provide to FAs?

Can you help me with marketing to upmarket prospects?

What else can I be doing to make my practice more attractice to HNW clients?

How do I know if TWI is a good fit for my practice?

Do you prepare tax plans that I can use with my prospects?

How much does it cost to have you as my practice’s tax planning partner?

How quickly will I be able to start closing new HNW prospects?

How do I maximize the power of tax planning to grow my practice?

What are the best ways to get in front of more HNW families?

How long is your training program?

Will The Walters Institute fit within my compliance requirements?

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