Do you want to attract wealthier clients?


The HNW Tax Strategy Masterclass

4 hours of video content + 4 live weekly sessions

By the end of this masterclass you'll be able to:

• Deliver ten powerful strategies that help you solve wealthy clients' biggest tax issues

Identify at least three HNW prospects in your circle who can benefit from the strategies and get a meeting booked with each of them

Deploy four proven marketing programs that consistently attract affluent prospects

Have lifetime access to live session recordings


Hi, I'm Heath Walters.

I've spent over a decade in the HNW tax planning space and saved clients over $30 million in liabilities.

Now I'm sharing my knowledge and helping wealth advisors achieve 80%+ closure rates with wealthy prospects by teaching them how to master the language of tax strategy.

What Others Are Saying

"Heath has the keys to the kingdom."

- Jonathan Howard, Accurate Wealth Management

"My CPA that works for me doesn't know 90% of the tax strategies [Heath] is talking about"

- Brian Bowen, Integrity Financial Planning

"The value that [Heath] can provide to a financial advisor...I haven't seen it anywhere else."

- Thomas Acerra, TJ Acerra and Associates

The Topics

Week 1

Estate Planning/ Tax Efficient Investing

• Why Section 706 portability is important

• How IRAs for beneficiaries can change a client's life

• The power of tax loss harvesting

• Mitigating dividend-related liabilities

• The tax efficiencies of options contracts

Week 2

Capital Gains Planning

• Tapping into passive and active mechanisms

• How to leverage Delaware Statutory Trusts

• The importance of Qualified Intermediaries

• Maximizing the potential of Deferred Sales Trusts

Week 3

Business Owner Planning

• The one-two punch of captive insurance

• How Defined Benefit Plans improve retirement

• The role of private placement life insurance


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